“Even the flight of the sparrow moves the acacia tree”
The moral of this old African saying is that the stiffest of trees can be moved by the lightest of touches-we could say that even the smallest of the gifts-given with warmth of heart or generosity can make a huge difference to those in need.

Sponsorship in the regular financial gift for the school, a class or for a child. Our school relies heavily on sponsorship as most of our families cannot afford the school fees. About 80% of our children are under sponsorship whereas 20% are fee paying. Providing for the needs of their children can be a daily struggle for many families. At present we have a number of children in need of assistance. We earnestly appeal for your help in finding sponsors

All needy families are assessed and a visit to the family organized. An assessment form is filled during this exercise. Families qualifying for sponsorship are required to contribute what they are genuinely capable of paying so that in partnership with the sponsor the child can be sponsored. In most cases, sponsorship only covers school fees while guardians / parents cater for other expenses such uniforms, trips, books and stationery.

The school is the contact between the child and the sponsor. Sponsors are usually individuals or families who sacrifice part of their income to help a needy child go through school.

The families usually live in the Ongata Rongai area, which is a large suburb of Nairobi 4 km from the school. It is a developing area of mixed economy and secure employment is difficult to find for many families.

There are various ways to sponsor a child as shown in the sponsorship appeal below. You may sponsor through monthly payments:
Sponsorship Appeal

Recently we expanded the kindergarten block to accommodate more children. The school therefore has a special appeal for sponsorship for Kindergarten children. Click the link below for more details:
Kindergarten Appeal
To find out more please write to Judith Brown on judith.brown-school.leader@steinerschoolmbagathi.co.ke / enquiries@steinerschoolmbagathi.co.ke

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